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Prepared by the Hamilton branch in partnership with the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (CHEPA), McMaster University.


These profiles are intended to provide CCAC case managers with information about the health and social characteristics of the Hamilton neighbourhoods they serve. We hope that the profiles will also be useful to home care service providers and other community health and social service organizations.

The profiles include information on population demographics, socio-economic status, health and health care utilization as well as a list of family physicians practicing in each of 16 neighbourhoods within the City of Hamilton. The neighbourhoods are defined by geographically contiguous census tracts. Each neighbourhood is compared to the City of Hamilton, as a whole, and to the Province of Ontario, where possible. There is a final profile comparing neighbourhoods to each other and to Hamilton.

To view a profile, please click on the name of the neighbourhood on the map below or click here to be taken to the Neighbourhoods section.

Beverly Hills 4 Valley Park 5 Eastdale 1 Eastdale 2 McQuesten 13 McQuesten 14 Valley Park 6 Gibson 16 Centremount 10 Centremount 9 Fessenden 7 Dundurn 11 Gibson 15 Dundurn 12 Fessenden 8 Beverly Hills 3